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On this page, you will find a selection of works by many of our members--- ranging from performances of well-known classical works to music that was composed just yesterday. All of our members offer substantial classical instrumental or vocal work on their individual pages around the Internet.  Links to individual composer sites are coming.

We hope you will enjoy these selections and also visit the pages of our members.
Eleanor Dimoff
We want to say Farewell to our beloved friend Eleanor Dimoff who passed away unexpectedly in 2003.  She was a continual inspiration to us all through her musical talent and her enthusiasm, which in turn was instrumental in keeping us together as a group. We will miss her friendship, her warm heart,  and a personality that made even the gloomiest days see more tolerable.
   In an effort to keep Eleanor's personal web presence online, one of our members has graciously copied the content from Eleanor's personal website from its location on the now defunct MP3.COM and is hosting it here.

"Largo"- Dimoff/Sequensis

A serene piece for chamber orchestra of strings and woodwinds with the addition of tubular bells. The piece was sensitively rendered by Iain Kelso at Sequensis.

Composer: Eleanor Dimoff; Realization: Iain Kelso (Sequensis)

"Dimoff: Grieg Fantasy" - Reinhold Behringer

Composed by Eleanor Dimoff in 1999, this piece for strings and woodwinds was inspired by the wonderful string lines in the Prelude of Grieg's Holberg Suite. The masterful rendition is by Reinhold Behringer who also has a stirring rendition of Grieg's Holberg Suite on his Virtual Philharmonic page.

Composer: Eleanor Dimoff; Realization: Reinhold Behringer

"Dimoff: Home is the Sailor" - Dimoff/Mike Roberts

An orchestral work composed by Eleanor Dimoff in 2000, in memory of a person who loved the sea. The title is from R.L. Stevenson's poem, Requiem.  The piece seeks to express a voyage of hope and peacefulness. Mike Roberts produced this fine rendition of the piece in collaboration with the composer.

Composer: Eleanor Dimoff; Realization: Mike Roberts 

"Eastham Suite II: Pilgrims' Night Prayer" - Dimoff

The second, slow, movement of my Eastham Suite. The prelude expresses the night fears and uncertainty felt by the new arrivals as they grope for something comforting. They find it in recalling Thomas Tallis's hymn, "Glory be to Thee my God this night."

Credits: Composer: Thomas Tallis/Eleanor Dimoff

"Hubbards Variations" - Mike Roberts

Variations written for brass choir on a theme from David Solomons' "Hubbard Extravaganza".   Many thanks to David for allowing me to use the theme and for his encouragement while I was writing the piece.

Composer: Mike Roberts


"Today is a Gift" - Steve Chandler

The 3rd movement of his 4th Sonata for electronic instruments focuses on living in the present. It begins with dawn and the morning ritual. Evil manifests itself but is redeemed with love and compassion and gradually the evil theme morphs into the hymn Now thank we all our God. The next section is a joyous celebration of that redemption bringing in themes from all three movements. The music winds down to the evening ritual and concludes with a final harmonization of the hymn.

Credits: Composition and Realization: Steve Chandler


"Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit" - David W. Solomons
"Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit" (a bunch of flowers from Springtime) was written out of unrequited passion for a violinist in Strasbourg. It was never performed in Strasbourg, in the end….A sight-reading session the following year in Oakham School, where the composer went to teach for a while, gave rise to this recording. The performance is raw and ready, but the lively feel makes up for the occasional errors in intonation. Regrettably, the Oakham violinist. Peter Weight, died in 2001, but his skill and joie de vivre live on in various ways, this being just one of them. The Strasbourg violinist, on the other hand, may be lurking somewhere..???

Composer: David W Solomons; Violin: Peter Weight


"Modaro: Harlequin - Scherzo op 22" - Marc'antonio Modaro
Because of its pianistic motion and colorful palette of harmonic textures this Scherzo was named after the mask of Arlecchino (Harlequin ). I worked in order to give form and structure to a variety of dissonances.

Marc'antonio Modaro


"Ginastera: Danza 2" - Andrys
Composition by Alberto Ginastera (1916-1987) : "Danza 2" (1937)  This wistful piece is the 2nd of 3 danzas by Ginastera, the 'Danza de la Moza donosa' (1937), and is about a wanderer who pauses for awhile on a hillside to watch a rural woman doing her daily chores outside, before continuing on his journey.

Composer: Ginastera; Performer: Andrys


"Steve Chandler: Tender 7" - Steve Chandler
What started as a nice piano piece in 7/8 got arranged into a more dramatic work for Strings, Brass and Flute. The beauty of this piece is accentuated by the extended harmony and non-square rhythm.

Credits: Composer: Steve Chandler; Performer: Steve Chandler


"Spring Song: Traditional"  - Behringer/Solomons

This song is based on a well-known folk tune fom Lower Austria and Moravia, dating back to the mid 18th century. Its melody is similar to a piece in Valentin Rathgeber's "Tafel-Confect" II (Augsburg 1737). The first 4 bars of Mozart's 1st minuet of the "Haffner Serenade" (KV 250, Salzburg 1776) are the main melody, but in minor. The song describes the work of the farmer, who begins in March with the joyful work on the fields. I suppose, the text author of this piece was not a farmer himself... I wrote the accompaniment and arrangement, picking up the pace and the mood in this song, and making my own variations and interpretation. The fabulous counter tenor David Solomons, (Manchester, UK) lends his voice to this performance.

Arrangement and realization: Reinhold Behringer; Counter tenor: David W Solomons


"Northland III" - Mike Roberts
Vast stretches of ice and ocean. A stunning landscape full of exotic wildlife. Daunting, forbidding and magnificent. This piece was inspired by Canada's high arctic.

Credits: Composition and Realization: Mike Mike Roberts/Emarro Music


"Goddard: Tune in a Stained Glass -choral" - Philip Goddard
By Philip Goddard - A short modal piece for for 4-part choir (wordless), flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet and organ pedal, which soars in a great space and shines in a multitude of colors like a many-part stained glass window -- hence the title. (MIDI realization)

Music, realization and recording by Philip Goddard


"Ettienne: In Such a Small Place" - Ettienne

No Picture Exists

Ettienne is an alter ego of composer Steve Chandler.  Ettienne composes beautiful music that is uplifting and soul soothing. While the bulk of this piece depicts the sadness of the situation in the Middle-East, the middle section depicts the aspirations of the peace seeking minority.

Credits: Garritan Orchestral Strings, Bigga Giga Orchestral Brass, Steve Chandler on Flute


"il dolce stile nuovo" - Tony Lanman
***Winner of the 2002 ASCAP/Morton Gould Young Composer Award*** "The New, Sweet Style" For Violin, Cello and Piano.   With this piano trio, I wanted to create a work which never lets up in intensity and rhythmic drive. I also wanted to create a harmonic momentum which would drive the piece forward, and not allow the piece to get stagnant, even in thinner textures. The piano plays a driving moto perpetuo figure over strings that are involved with playful interlocking contrapuntal lines. The piece was completed in March of 2001.

"This is nearly perfect, in every aspect." - Hunter Hansen, Gods of Music.Com

il dolce stile nuovo was recorded on November 23rd, 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Composed by Anthony Joseph Lanman


"Cooman: Improvisation on St. Joan" - Carson Cooman
"Improvisation on St. Joan" for organ was recorded by the composer in early 2000. It is based on the hymn-tune "St. Joan", usually coupled with the text "Christ is the World's True Light."

Composer: Carson Cooman


"Steve Chandler: Variations on We Gather Together" - Steve Chandler
A set of variations on the Thanksgiving hymn tune composed for a friends family reunion. It starts pretty gets a little goofy and ends happy, sort of the perfect family reunion (except nobody has a family like that).

Composer: Steve Chandler; Performer: Steve Chandler


"Mozart: Overture of Magic Flute" - David Stifel

A charming piece with glockenspiel. This is where Papageno sings about wanting either a maiden or a married woman - "either one will do very nicely".

Credits: Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Realization: David Stifel


"Harrington: Piano Prelude No.18" - Jeff Harrington
Climaxing rhythmic attack of the monster chords! Recording realized and interpreted with SuperConductor software.

Composition and Realization by Jeff Harrington

"Beach: Dreaming" - Andrys
Composition by Amy Beach: Dreaming (1892), performed by Andrys. - "Amy Beach wrote "Dreaming" in 1892, and it opens with the feel of a dream pulling us. Beach's progressions can surprise and there are unusual configurations in the movement of the bass. . . . . . . .A pianist who played with the Boston Symphony when she was 16, she also composed symphonies and a concerto which were performed by major orchestras in her lifetime. As of 1940, only 3 of her 150 opus numbers remained unpublished, an amazing record for any American composer. . . . . . . . . . Her musical style is reminiscent of Brahms and MacDowell.

Composer: Amy Beach; Performer: Andrys


"Dimoff: Cradle Song" - Richard Cox
A duet for cello and piano composed in 2001 by Eleanor Dimoff. Richard Cox (SymphoniaX) produced this expressive rendition in collaboration with the composer

Composer: Eleanor Dimoff; Realization: Richard Cox


"Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.4, 3rd Movement - Pizzicato Ostinato" - The CMR Players
This is a performance of the 3rd Movement of the Symphony No. 4, Scherzo (Pizzicato Ostinato: Allegro), by Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893)

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky; Realization: Steve Mitchell (CMR Players)

"Solomons: Rag for Tubas" - Tubalaté
Octatonic rag by David W Solomons for two tubas and two euphoniums, performed by Tubalaté. This recording (which they have given me permission to place on this page) comes from their CD "Earth and Moon", which can be obtained from

Earth and Moon
Horizon Music Production TCD 4
Composer: David W Solomons. Performer: Tubalaté

"Wiedemann-Solomons: Distant Heart" - Wiedemann/Solomons
Based on an original theme by Joe Wiedemann, in this version words have been added and sung by David Solomons. The singer's love is unrequited because the "lover" is more interested in pursuing his/her career.

Theme and orchestration: Joe Wiedemann. Lyrics and voice: David W Solomons

"Cox: Street Dance (Piano Duo)" - Richard Cox
Final movement from Richard's "Dance Suite". Very lively and energetic with a feeling of uninhibited spontaneity. It was written to handle the musical challenge of writing a piece in 11/8 time which sounds "natural".

Credits: Composition and Realization: Richard Cox.


"Bruckner: Symphony No.4, 3rd" - The CMR Players
This is a rendering of the 3rd Movement of Bruckner's 4th Symphony, The "Romantic".

Composer: Anton Bruckner; Realization: Steve Mitchell (CMR Players)

"Harrington: Gygr" - Jeff Harrington
Gygr - for Flute, Viola, and Harp. Gygr (pronounced with a Scottish brogue - GEER) is a flute trio inspired by the famous Debussy Flute, Viola and Harp trio. It incorporates African rhythms and impressionistic flourishes galore. Gygr for Flute, Viola and Harp was premiered by the Gaudae Trio February 24, 2001, in Amsterdam. This recording was realized and interpreted with SuperConductor software.

Composition and Realization by Jeff Harrington

"Cox: Elegy for Oboe & Piano" - Richard Cox
A largely tranquil and reflective piece, intensely personal to the composer.


Credits: Composition and Realization by Richard Cox


"Wiedemann: Affections" - Joe Wiedemann
Your heart races, though your movements are slow. A racing background supports a romantic melody.

Credits: Composed and realized by Joe Wiedemann (Orchestronics)


"Goddard: Longings! Longings! Longings!" - Philip Goddard
By Philip Goddard. Adapted from a section of his Symphony 3 (Dark Forest - Monument & Reflections). A haunting piece for orchestra, with a hypnotic (or one may say, obsessive) Ostinato on the piano. (MIDI realization)

Composition and Realization by Philip Goddard

"Signorile: Essay for Trombone & Orchestra" - Colby College Orchestra
A Concerto in one movement for Solo Trombone and Symphony Orchestra. Performed by the Colby College Symphony Orchestra, with Don Appert, Solo Trombone, and conducted by the composer on March 24, 1974.

Twilight Dreams - The Music of James V. Signorile
Twilight Dreams Music
Composer: Jim Signorile


"Meditation, Dance & Sacrifice" - Tony Lanman
For solo guitar a) Meditation b) Dance c) Preparation for the Sacrifice d) Sacrifice b) Dance a) Post Sacrifice Meditation. 

"Meditation, Dance & Sacrifice" was premiered by Steve Kostelnik in Austin, Texas on May 5th, 2000

Composed by Anthony Joseph Lanman


"Solomons: Barbara Allen"- Solomons/CMR Players
The original folksong is arranged and sung here by David with orchestral realization by Steve Mitchell. This romantic interpretation, complete with all the drama of dying for love, is based on one of the "original" tunes for the ballad Barbara Allen. The harmonization ranges from classical to romantic to downright 21st century at various points in the story, but it makes one organic whole - all the more so because of Steve Mitchell's excellent realization of the orchestral parts.

Composer: David W Solomons; Realization: Steve Mitchell

"Wagner: Siegfried's Funeral Music" - David Stifel
From Richard Wagner's Gotterdammerung - Twilight of the Gods. This piece is right up there among the crowning achievements of Western Music. It moves from the depths of blackest despair and grief to heartbreakingly transcendent hope of redemption. This music was used extensively in the film "Excalibur."

Credits: Composer: Richard Wagner; Realization: David Stifel


"Rachmaninov: Prelude No.6" - Andrys
"This prelude (1901) isn't recorded as often as other preludes by Rachmaninoff, possibly because the first half has the melody so high and distant from the bass. The 2nd half lowers the melody and it's this half that is the most beautiful part for me. Some performers play this piece slowly (Cliburn) while others like to play it quite fast. The marking is 'Andante' and if that's kept for the treble, then the bass can be rather frantic sounding, so I've chosen the slower tempo. Will be redoing it someday for more tension and direction in the first half. I had a few minutes on a borrowed grand piano, and this replaces the earlier spinet version."

Credits: Composer: Sergej Rachmaninov; Piano: Andrys

"Wiedemann: Eleganza" - Joe Wiedemann
Eleganza, 2nd movement from Piano Concerto No.1.

Composition and realization by Joe Wiedemann.

"Solomons: Nunc Dimittis" - Solomons/Goddard
David's setting of the Nunc Dimittis for girls' choir, harp and organ. Originally written for the girls' choir at Christ Church Dublin. Not yet performed, but this realization by Philip Goddard is very effective.

Composer: David W Solomons; Realization: Philip Goddard

"Schubert: Ave Maria" - Paul Wehage
Transcription for Saxophone

Composer: Franz Schubert; Saxophon: Paul Wehage

"Solomons: The Recipe" - David Solomons
The three witches of Shakespeare's Scottish play enjoy a good cackle here. Multi-tracked vocals by the composer.  "Shakespeare's three witches in the Scottish play are here personified in a multitracked performance by the composer.  The (allegedly) witch-like strangulated sound that I decided to use made me almost unable to sing next day at church!"

Composer and performer: David W Solomons

"Goddard: Clarity of a Mountain Sunrise" - Philip Goddard
By Philip Goddard - A short intense and mysterious choral work based on statements by Padmasambhava about the deepest and most subtle level of consciousness - effectively the enlightened state - that exists within every one of us. (MIDI realization)

Composition and Realization: Philip Goddard


"Lagniappe - by Eleanor Dimoff" - Lorin Swelk
An extensive re-configuration of a simple midi-guitar duet by Eleanor Dimoff, here rendered by The Lorin Swelk Orchestra for mallet percussion and drums. 

Composer: Eleanor Dimoff; Realization: Lorin Swelk.

"Signorile: Symphony1,a" - Signorile/Goddard
Symphony No. 1 for Organ, Op. 52. Movement I - Prelude. Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman 1999. MIDI Rendering by Philip Goddard.

Composition: Jim Signorile; Realization: Philip Goddard.

"Bach: Air in Dmajor" - Lorin Swelk
This was recorded using John McCoy's "Jeux" pipe organ soundfont for SBLivesound cards. You can download this incredible soundfont for free here.


Credits: Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach; Realization: Lorin Swelk.

"Signorile: Et in Terra Pax" - Signorile/Goddard
A simple hymn for orchestra in tribute to the life and music of Alan Hovhaness, who passed away June 21, 2000 in Seattle, WA. Orchestral arrangement and MIDI Rendering by Philip Goddard.

Composer: Jim Signorile; Realization: Philip Goddard

"Solomons: Rag in 7" - Solomons/Swelk
This quasi-ragtime for organ, in a relentless 7 rhythm, was originally written as a church organ solo for Wiesbaden organist Petra Mohr as part of a surprise collection of works by contemporary composers on her birthday. It has since undergone several transmutations, of which this one by Lorin Swelk is probably the grandest, using the great sound of the Wurlitzer.

Composer: David W Solomons; Realization: Lorin Swelk.

"Signorile: Piano Concerto 1, 1st Movt." - Signorile/The CMR Players
Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 53. Movement I - Allegro Moderato. Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman 1999. MIDI Rendering by Steve Mitchell of The CMR Players. 

Composition: James Signorile; Realization: Steve Mitchell

"Mahler: Adagietto" - Reinhold Behringer
Composition by Gustav Mahler: Symphony No.5, 4th movement, "Adagietto"; realized by Reinhold Behringer.

Composer: Gustav Mahler; Realization: Reinhold Behringer


"Goddard: Dies Irae and Canon" - Philip Goddard
By Philip Goddard - Taken from the Composer's major work for choir and orchestra, 'Et in Arcadia Ego', this is a stormy rendition of part of the Roman Catholic 'Dies Irae' chant, with a central section containing a sublime canonic rendering of Bach's 'Passion Chorale' with new words. (MIDI realization)

Credits: Composition and Realization: Philip Goddard

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