CMR Acknowledgements

The Classical MIDI Resource was created by Dr. Ron Lubetsky in 1996. Steve Mitchell took over in 1998. He developed and maintained the site for a decade. Now it's my turn to manage CMR. My name is Les, and I will be your host for the next century or so... Please help me keep the site alive and fresh by submitting new MIDI and MP3 files, articles and any other music related content. Your comments and suggestions are also appreciated. Thanks!

The Classical MIDI Resource would like to thank the many people and organizations that have contributed invaluable suggestions and music to this site. In particular, we'd like to acknowledge:

Reinhold Behringer Lorin Swelk
Robert Finley Steven Gutheinz
Eleanor Dimoff Faren Raborn
George Pollen John Sankey
Richard Rendleman Richard Cox
David Stifel David Siu, M.D.
Peter Gannon, M.D., PG Music, Inc. Jeff Harrington
David W. Solomons James V. Signorile
Gary D. Lloyd (for being himself) Les Winters, MidiWorld & The Classical MIDI Connection
Dr. Ron Lubetsky, M.D Serge Winitzki
Josť Oscar de Almeida Marques Peter R. Wolfe, M.D.
Jorge Franganillo James R. Herren
David Juna Jun Nishio
Katsuhiro Oguri Gary Goldberg

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