Suggested Classical MIDI/Music Links
Last verified on January 31st, 2002

The Classical MIDI Resource recommends the following links as valuable resources of Classical Music on the Web.

(Note: Websites come and go. CMR will do its best to keep this list current. Thank you.)

Eclectic Collections and Choral

The Classical MIDI Connection:
An excellent and  popular site created long ago, and now maintained by Les Winters.  The classic click'n play site. Check out sub-categories on David Siu, M.D., Gary D. Lloyd, and Robert Finley
Classical MIDI Files:
Sequences of orchestral, choral and chamber music by David Siu, M.D., a talented and prolific fourth-year medical student at Case-Western Reserve University
DJ's MIDI Archive:
Meticulously crafted sequences by David Juna, ranging from Baroque to modern, and from famous to obscure, at a new location
The George Pollen MIDI Collection:
This site contains many orchestral works sequenced by George Pollen, including some of his own arrangements of popular music

The Piano Education Page's Audition Room
PEP is the world's largest piano education site with over 450 pages of free, totally non-commercial information. The Audition Room sub-page of PEP has over 500 pre-auditioned solo piano classical MIDI sequences gathered from all over the world.
The Silvis Woodshed
A page with a collection of midi files and tools intended to help chorus singers prepare and to learn their music so that they can execute without flaw when they go to rehearsal 
Ramón Pajares Box's Classical Music Files, Sequences and Transcriptions:
An excellent Classical-Music site that features multiple file formats such as MIDI, NWC (Noteworthy Composer), and MP3
The Classical MIDI Archives:
An extremely large site, managed by Pierre Schwob where virtually all MIDI submissions are posted, varying in quality from the absolutely godawful to the impressive, with somewhat uneven/inconsistent evaluations at times. In some Web circles, it's considered the best of the net

Mostly Renaissance

The Internet Renaissance Band:
A comprehensive collection of sequences by Curtis Clark of music by medieval and renaissance composers, including some very obscure names

Spanish Early Music:

As the name implies, this site features a collection of early Pre-Renaissance Spanish Music . This is a new listing, and I'll post more information when I have it.

Mostly Baroque

The Early Music MIDI Archive:
A nice little collection of early Baroque works, including music of Monteverdi, Purcell, Vivaldi and others
English Baroque Composers:
In addition to works predominantly by by Blow, Purcell and Croft, this page by David Cooke also includes music from more recent times
John Sankey's MIDI Site of Early Harpsichord Music:
a large selection of fine performances by John Sankey of music by J.S. Bach, Domenico Scarlatti and William Byrd
J.S. Bach Central:
This well-organized site, maintained by Dave Grossman, features lots of MIDI files, sound bytes, and links
Martin Robinson's Bach Organ Page:
Features many famous works, including Martin Robinson's sequences of the organ toccatas and choral preludes
Dr. Yo Tomita's Page:
Professor Tomita, a musicologist at Queens University in Dublin, and a world authority on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, has been sequencing the second book of Preludes and Fugues in his spare time

Mostly Classical

The Beethoven Depot:
This up-to-date page, hosted by EDepot, includes every known sequence of the Beethoven 32 Sonatas, other Beethoven works, and a discussion forum
Richard Carlson's Classical Piano Page:
This page by Richard Carlson describes his unique approach to MIDI sequencing, and promises to feature all of Beethoven's piano sonatas in the future
Early and Classical Music MIDI's on
An unusual Web Search tool that's moderated by an individual, in this case, Steve Allen, who acts more like a Web guide, rather than a 'bot'

Classic MIDI Room Piccolo:
A site in Japan, operated by Yu Nakajima.  He features a rather wide selection of styles and tastes, plus he has the only complete MIDI file of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite

Mostly Romantic

Harpsichord with Hammers:
A website featuring superb performances by piano player Gary D. Lloyd.  Gary is a CMR Spotlite alumnus & has several MP3s of his work on the CMRMP3 page. 

Update: I'm heartbroken, but Gary closed his site for what he feels was a lack of interest.  He still has his music here though. 
Realtime Piano MIDI Sequences by Ron Lubetsky:
Dr. Ron Lubetsky's own efforts at sequencing the music of Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff
Robert Finley's Classical MIDI Page:
A very impressive site of high-quality realtime MIDI sequences by Robert Finley, who is a very accomplished concert pianist
The Ultimate Chopin MIDI Page:
Brian Bachelder has done a very thorough job here, and his archive is ever expanding
The Internet Piano Page:
Gabriele Giulimondi took over this ambitious page of live MIDI sequences some time ago, although I haven't seen any updates in recent months
The Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra: Update: The website is no longer available...
Nicely crafted symphonic MIDI sequences by Reinhold Behringer concentrate on Czech and Scandinavian composers
The Gustav Mahler Page:
An unofficial page with a growing list of Mahler MIDI files and other information about the Austrian composer (contact the webmaster here)

Mostly Impressionistic

Fantastic Recital on MIDI:
Piano realtime sequences of Debussy and Ravel, created by Japanese composer-pianist Katsuhiro Oguri, and updated monthly
Jun Nishio's MIDI Gallery:
Large-scale orchestral MIDI sequences by Jun of Debussy and Ravel, as well as some Russian masters.
UPDATE: As of 02/01/02, I've not been able to get a current URL for Jun's work. I'll keep trying. -Steve

Mostly Modern

Serge Winitzki's MIDI Pages:
A physicist who recently earned his PhD. at Tufts University, Serge Winitzki has turned out some fine MIDI sequences of music by Scriabin and Messiaen.  
The Scriabin Page:
Organized by Domenico Stigliani, this site includes several of his live Scriabin sequences
José Oscar de Almeida Marques' Shostakovich Page:
This page is devoted entirely to José's sequences of the Russian master's 24 Preludes and Fugues, Opus 87
Músicas del siglo XX:
This Spanish-language website, managed by Jorge Franganillo, offers a comprehensive look at music of our time, with many excellent MIDI file examples. Jorge is a stickler for details, so these are high-quality MIDI files