October 28th, 2008

Hi Folks - I've been saying for quite awhile that I would soon give up control of my website, The Classical MIDI Resource. Well, it's going to happen. I'm sorry that I'm just not into MIDI enough anymore to do this site and its followers justice. Starting soon, Les Winters of Midiworld.org has graciously offered to essentially take the site out of my hands, and handle the everyday goings-on the way this site and its followers deserve. I've mothballed all eight soundcards, all Giga Samples, equipment and such, and I'll continue on in new, less complicated hobbies. It's been fun, and who knows, whenever the "simpler" Garritan GM samples come out, I'll play a little bit, and might even post, but that time isn't here yet. Thanks to all half-million visitors in the past 10 years. It's been great. 

January 6th, 2008

Another new year, and I'm just resetting data on the site....... However, this will be the last year I do this. I'm doing the site a tremendous injustice the way it is right now, and I'll be passing control onto another MIDI enthusiast soon. 

January 1st, 2007

Another new year. Just resetting data on the site.......  Done.  JEEZ!!!  Am I falling down in my duties?

January 1st, 2006

Another new year. Just resetting data on the site..........  Done

September 15th, 2005

Some more GREAT NEWS!  Well, it's been 1˝ years since I've heard from him, but I received email from Gary D. Lloyd today.  He's well for the most part, has gotten back into his music and would love to hear from those of you who've sent email to me looking for him!  His email address is gaer@myacc.net, and he told me directly to post it and link it from his CMR page.  Done.

February 26th, 2005

Some not so GREAT NEWS!  With The Classical Midi Resource being in it's new home, I now realize a few things more apparent than ever.  This site was never intended to make any money - it just wasn't in the master plan. The site, which I am very fond of, has cost me many $$$$ over the years and I just absorbed the costs as a part of the cost of maintaining a website.  I find that I cannot afford to do that anymore.  It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that The Classical MIDI Resource is not going to be able to renew its ASCAP license this year. Consequently, all links to works that are still considered under copyright have now been removed.  This is really a very small percentage of the works posted here, and shouldn't impact the visit terribly, though I will consider the site now incomplete.  <SIGH> Anyway, if' I've missed any of the copyrighted works, I'm sure the publisher police will let me know soon enough. 

February 20th, 2005

GREAT NEWS!  The Classical Midi Resource is in a new home.  The previous host suddenly began to worry about how much disk space we occupied and sent a nastygram telling me that they don't allow websites bigger than 1 Gig.  Too bad for them.  They lost a good paying customer and the new host got a new customer.

October 13th, 2004

GREAT NEWS!  Beautiful music > test hardware again > hardware works (SHOCK).  Beautiful music + working hardware + new samples = newly found motivation.  Forget the last update.  That guy didn't have a clue.

July 17th, 2004

Hi All - I've been debating this internally for a long time, so the idea is not new. I'm thinking of transferring ownership and operation of "The Classical MIDI/MP3 Resource" to someone else who has the time and the inclination to deal with it, or if that fails, shutting the site down.  I could even leave the site "as is" for now, hoping that maybe in the future, I'd get back into it.

Right now though, I'm doing the site and patrons a terrible disservice as its owner, having lost most of the interest in what motivated me in the first place to take it on. That was 6 years ago, and times DO change.

MIDI has progressed eons beyond the technology that existed in 1998 when I took the site over. With the advent of multiple midi-ports, the time of the 16-channel MIDI file, and the distribution of such is way passed its 'sell-by' date.

I started to migrate the site to MP3's, but since I've sorta moved on to Digital Photography, my heart is no longer in it. Some physical problems like bilateral CTS are partly to blame, but the majority of the problem was that creating music with today's best technology just got too damn hard to do effectively and do well. (Have you seen the latest Garritan Strings? 19 CDs!!) If I cannot do it well, I don't wanna do it.

November 25th, 2003

With the inevitable demise of MP3.com coming soon, CMR will take over some of the hosting duties for the Classical Music Makers group, of which I am a founding member.  We were already hosting a mirror of the site, but the links led to the original MP3.com site.  Now we'll be hosting the group and music in it entirety locally.

September 16th, 2003

Recently I was devastated to learn of the passing of a very dear and talented lady of music.  Eleanor Dimoff, one of my best supporters, and a prominent member of our group passed away quite unexpectedly on August 4th.  The following letter was an email the I received as part of the group from her daughter, Helen.


This is Eleanor's daughter, Helen. I am so sorry to let you know that she passed away unexpectedly on August 4th.

We have been trying to find her contacts in the online music circles she traveled in. I've been checking her email intermittently and came across your message today. Are there other people we should contact?

I tried to post a note on the Classical Musical Makers bulletin board, but since I didn't hear back, I don't think it went through. I also tried to email Faren Raborn, but must not have a current email address.

My mom got so much pleasure out of the camaraderie of the group and from her love of music.  If you would like to correspond with me or my sister, you can reach us at our email addresses:

With regards,

Helen Dimoff

I am saddened as we all are in the online music community.  Eleanor was the main heart of our group, the Classical Music Makers - we are diminished by the loss of her.

March 12th, 2003

Well Folks, I can count myself among those who are employed. (Start: Fanfare for the Common Man in the background) Yep, I got a job offer February 27th around 5PM. It's ˝ the salary of what I was accustomed to @ my previous job, but hey, it's a helluva lot better than not being employed. Besides, in our new lives where frugality rules, it's not so bad.  Now I can get back to worrying about the really important "little" things, like why the heck can't I keep this website updated more often.  I have loads of new music creations from talented musicians from around the world to post.  Anyway, look for more of me in the near future.  (Big Brass swell on the last note, with a bombastic strike of the 48" Ludwig bass drum right exactly at the end, with its nice rumbling decay into silence, and the crowd roars!)

February 2nd, 2003

Well, I'm still here, The Classical MIDI Resource is still here, and I'm still unemployed.  All is not lost though, I am getting interviews as most other out-of-work IT folk here in DFW aren't.  The last couple of interviews I went through, the interviewers weren't at all shy about letting me know that they received "over 300 applications" for one position, and "literally hundreds" for the other.  Onward.

Gary D. Lloyd has resurfaced after a well-deserved sabbatical, and we've uploaded a new work very near and dear to him - his own transcription of the Symphonic Variations by César Franck.  It's on the CMR MIDImp3 page.

November 12th, 2002

Hmmm.  Where do I begin.  It's been 4 months since an update.  The truth is that I lost my job of 10 years two days after the last post, and I've been unemployed since.  Oh, I'm looking, but 286 resumes later, I'm still jobless.  It'll take time, but eventually, I'll be normal again.  CMR deserves better, but at this time, I simply can't devote the time I'd like.  It's ironic that I have supposedly all the time in the world now, but priorities are different now, and the only reason I'm doing this is because I was checking the site and I saw JULY as the last update!!!! EEEEK!!  I'm down for the moment, but not out for the count.  Enjoy what's here now, and know that there will be more, eventually.  I won't give up this site.

July 23rd, 2002

Hi folks.  On this, the 4th year anniversary of my stewardship of The Classical MIDI Resource, there's not much going on. I've been very busy with work, and have not been able to devote much time to the site or The CMR Players.  On the somewhat-distressing newsfront, I just received the renewal for the ASCAP license.  They'd sent an extension authorization of the 2001 license back in January, and just now got the new version ready.  I'll have more details later but let me say this,  they've made the whole idea of having a website like this as a HOBBY very complicated. 

It's all about money - pure and simple.  I never intended to have CMR be about money or revenue, yet with this new agreement, and it's requirements of quarterly payments, reports and such, I may have to re-think the existence of The Classical MIDI Resource and/or my involvement with it.  Needless to say, if I choose not to participate with ASCAP, then of course, all of the Modern, Contemporary, and 20th Century works will have to leave the site.  They've been in the restricted state of being streamed only, but this new agreement could make them go away entirely.  I'll keep you posted.

June 5th, 2002

If you keep up with this site, and the emergence of The CMR Players,  you know that I have had the good fortune of collaborating on many MIDI/MP3 projects with a very talented individual in Dr. David S. Siu.  The interesting fact is that until today, I'd never even SEEN this man - our correspondence over all these years was via email.   His genius at MIDI sequencing, and my limited talents at sequencing/rendering have produced MP3 files of some of the greatest works in the classical repertoire.  Some of them actually sound pretty good for MIDI and computers and such.  Anyway, David has graced me with a picture of himself, and I now bring it to you, so all can see the genius behind some of the best MIDI files on the Internet.  I am so proud!! Check out the CMR Spotlight feature on this Master.

May 2nd, 2002

CMR's Modern Collection is on its way back. I have started the process of making available works that used to be in the Modern Collection but were removed for copyright reasons.  The caveat is that these will not be available for download, but only for Streaming.  Since there are many works, it may take me awhile to get them all out.  Please check it out. 

April 30th, 2002

It looks like we are not tied strictly to Crescendo for streaming copyrighted MIDI files.  I have CMR set up now to use Windows Media for streaming MIDI content.  Please let me know if you encounter problems. 

April 29th, 2002

Well, here we are at ANOTHER web-host.  I had to make the change simply because the previous host was not providing the services that I had planned for CMR in the future.  Actually, they had the services, but not in the form I needed, or in a form that was easy for me to use.  Currently, all MIDI content is being streamed by Crescendo.  My goal is to have only MIDI content that is still under copyright to be streamed by Crescendo, with material that is no longer under copyright free and accessible to web users. 

I've got about 15 MIDI file updates that are collecting dust from submissions over a year old, and I promised one artist that I'd get these up ASAP.  If I encounter no more trouble with the actual mechanics of the site, those updates will be forthcoming.  Thanks for visiting.

April 5th, 2002

There are holes in the system I put in.  I'm still working on it.

April 4th, 2002

In keeping with our efforts to continually upgrade our abilities to protect copyrighted works appearing on CMR, all MIDI files accessed with direct links from the User Interface will be set to STREAM ONLY.  Unfortunately, this is necessary to stay in compliance with my ASCAP site weblicense.  Any files from the CMR Permanent Collection that are part of ZIP archives will still be available for download.  I'll be bringing back the Modern section of MIDI files soon, and you'll be able to stream these modern works.   Please email me with any problems accessing files.  BTW, I've also set up technology to prevent directly linking to any media content on CMR.  This was necessary as well to protect copyrighted works as well....

March 7th, 2002

I would like to point out that the CMR MIDI Spotlight is no longer a monthly affair.  It became obvious to me that these MIDI pioneers should be lauded for their efforts ALL of the time.  So, The Classical MIDI Resource MIDI Spotlight has become The CMR Spotlight (accessed on the new menu),  dedicated to noticing folks who've made great efforts in getting Classical Music on the Web in any form.  Our first new member is of course,  David W. Solomons.  Read about him.....

March 6th, 2002

Well, here we are in our new home.  If you didn't notice, I've invested more $$$$, and CMR has moved to a new Host (with the most),  unlimited space, and much more to come.  You've probably also noticed the newer user interface as well.  Yep, it's new, with more under development.  I've updated and corrected the Orchestra Links and MIDI Links, and changed the format somewhat. 

As CMR as has progressed through the years, the technology we use as residents of the Internet has changed as well.  While MIDI is still an important element in the overall makeup of the Web, it's use by Artists for the release of music is waning.  In today's hyper-techno media-world, MIDI is now being more relegated to being almost exclusively a tool of production and or composition, where MP3, WMA, ASF, and RealMedia are the products of these efforts.  In fact, today's MIDI barely resembles the concept original designers started with. I remember that if you had 2 MIDI ports, for a total of 32 MIDI channels, you were REALLY state-of-the-art. I myself recall 'bragging' about how some of The CMR Players MIDI render were mapped to 6, 9, and even 14 ports.... (some of those 'brags' are still in the text of the webpage, and haven't been edited yet).

Today, hardly anyone talks about the number of ports they used or the number of channels their MIDI production covered.

Today, the end result is what is doing the talking for the Artist/Composer.

I've tried to interject this impetus in some manner by the way I've published CMR by adding "MP3" to the name (sorta). However, it's still The Classical MIDI Resource, with the MIDI being predominant in the name. But once you get here, you see that all manner of emphasis is also placed on file types other than MIDI as well. 

Our roots are MIDI, and CMR will continue to be a premium website that only hosts the best MIDI files on the Internet.  But in order to grow and to progress, we have to acknowledge that our true growth potential is in exhibiting the work of Artists and New Composers in these new media formats.  There's more to come......

February 1st, 2002

Well, 2001 was a tough year for the site.  For 9 months out of the past 12, I worked a 10 hour/day shift at work, and let me tell you, you don't feel like doing anything when you get home, and your days off become even more precious to you.  Well, I'm back to human-being hours now.  You'll notice that I'm testing some new goodies for the site.  Let me know what you think.  In the meantime, I have a ton of submissions to go through from the past year, so we'll be talking.

November 6th, 2001

At the request of BMI, some works in the Modern Area of the Permanent Collection have been removed.  I already license music from ASCAP for Classical MIDI Resource, and don't want to incur the expense of ANOTHER licensing agreement, so the music has to go.

This site has ALWAYS been non-profit, and has never generated a penny of revenue and has always been an expense.  However, it's a hobby that I love, and so I will tolerate the current expense structure, but really don't feel compelled to take on anymore.

August 22nd, 2001

Major changes are forthcoming.  I'm renewing the push towards MP3 render of classical music.   MIDI was an excellent start, but the time for MIDI is waning for the most part, given the rapid growth of broadband Internet access.  More on this discussion later

July 25th, 2001

My Gosh, has it been that long since I've updated this page?  I guess work and general daily activities have really cut into my time that I have to devote to this site, not to mention several hardware failures and floods.  I promise, I'll have an update here in two weeks.  Thanks for visiting.

January 16th, 2001

It's my pleasure to announce that the new MIDI spotlight for now is Faren Raborn.  After years of dedicated service to the promotion of Classical MIDI on the Web, Faren is still going strong promoting Classical Music on the Web.  Check out the new Spotlight.

January 2nd, 2001

Updating of Copyright Notices, renewal of ASCAP Internet License.  Additional Download links added to the Gary D. Lloyd section of the CMR MIDImp3 page.

November 24th, 2000

Again, this update is long overdue.  I have a new MP3 file from one of this site's leading contributors Gary D. Lloyd posted on the CMR MIDImp3 page of work by Rachmaninov.  It's Gary's own transcription of the 2nd Movt. of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 1. 

About two months ago, I became aware of another MIDI Master on the Web when this person, Yu Nakajima,  sent me a MIDI file of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite to add to the collection of high-quality MIDI files at CMR.  Give it a listen, you'll be impressed.

September 22nd, 2000

For this long overdue update, I have some new MP3 files from this site's founder Dr. Ron Lubetsky, posted on the CMR MIDImp3 page of works by Ravel and Berg.  On the next update, I'll bring you some work from a Japanese MIDI Master.

Plus, you CAN'T forget The CMR Players page at MP3.COM.  Thanks for visiting.  

June 29th, 2000

For this update, I have even more work from the prolific MIDI artist George Pollen.  This time, he's sent for our enjoyment two works by Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). Havanaise, and the Rhondo Capricciosso Op. 28.  Additionally, he's sent a MIDI rendering of  The Land of the Mountain and the Flood Op.3 by Scottish composer Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916).  

Please don't forget to check out The CMR Players page at MP3.COM.  Thanks for visiting.  

June 8th, 2000

For this update, the current MIDI Spotlight artist George Pollen has sent some new MIDI files of his for us to enjoy.  He's sent the Chaconne in G Minor by Tomaso Antonio Vitali (1663-1743), and another piece that'll sound familiar to a lot of us, though you might not have heard of this composer from Sweden, Dag Wiren (1905-1986).  George has graced us with a pleasant MIDI rendering of Wiren's March, Op. 11.  Also, please check out the updates to the CMR MIDImp3 page, and don't forget the New Composers page. 

June 1st, 2000

My my, how time flies.  I apologize for not updating the site recently.  There have been some updates to the CMR MIDImp3 page, and some minor UI improvements, but no real file updates.  I've been extremely busy, and have actually gotten back into sequencing myself, and that itself is a laborious, time-consuming process.  I promise that I'll have an update to the site within the next week.  Thanks for visiting.

March 19th, 2000

I have that update I promised from George Pollen.  He's sent us a superb sequence of the Crown Imperial Coronation March by Sir William Walton.  Composed in 1937 for the coronation of King George VI,  it was first performed on 12 May 1937, at London  in Westminster Abbey, with the great Sir Adrian Boult conducting The Coronation Orchestra.   The Classical MIDI Resource is proud to be able to feature some of George's finest sequences, and is pleased to have George desiginated as the featured MIDI Spotlite Artist

March 18th, 2000

Actually, there have been several updates to CMR since Jan 26th, most not really noticeable except for a minor facelift.  The major update I'm referring to today is the addition of a new page to The Classical MIDI Resource.  Since my travels to promote this website have taken me to MP3.COM, I've met a variety of new composers of tonal American music. In order to get the word out about these talented composers, I've created the New Composers page.  Check it out.  Additionally, I have some new updates from the excellent MIDI artist George Pollen and others that I'll be posting in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

January 26th, 2000

It's been awhile since we've heard from Dr. David Siu, M.D., but he finally reappears in this first month of 2000 with a new sequence of an orchestration of Liszt's Mephisto Waltz.  Give it a listen! 

January 22nd, 2000

A new update to the CMR MIDImp3 page featuring an MP3 rendering of Bugler's Holiday, by the American Composer Leroy Anderson.  I grew up watching this piece being played by varied trios of  "buglers", most of whom always looked like they'd rather be somewhere else.  Also from an old CMR alumnus, John Sankey, we received an additional collection of the Scarlatti Sonatas, almost completing the set from 1 - 80, and 81 - 160

January 14th, 2000

Besides a minor face lift, the major update for today is the extensive collection of works by Debussy, sequenced and recorded by Gary D. Lloyd that are featured on the CMRMIDImp3 page.  Also, look for an old favorite in the Spotlite.

January 1st, 2000

Today's update, and the first for the new year features some more new recordings by Gary D. Lloyd on the CMRMIDImp3 page.  He has recorded the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, and more works by Claude Debussy, including a newly performed version of Clair de Lune (replacing an earlier version rendered from Gary's MIDI file by yours truly), Gardens in the Rain, and the Arabesques 1 and 2.  

December 17th, 1999

Today's update features some new recordings by Gary D. Lloyd on the  CMR MIDImp3 page.  He has recorded the Rachmaninov Sonata in B Flat Minor, and L'isle Joyeuse by Claude Debussy.  Also check out a new work by the modern American Composer James V. Signorile.  The CMR Players at MP3.COM has rendered the first movement of his Piano Concerto No. 1.  

November 28th, 1999

Today's update features the works of a MIDI artist from the United Kingdom - George Pollen .  His first submission - by Camille Saint-Saëns, the Danse Macabre.  George does a good job with this sequence, and uses tempi that may be more suitable for this piece than the existing sequence on CMR.  We will keep both, as each has characteristics that are appealing to the listener. 

November 3rd, 1999

An update for the month of November.  This also marks the first time I'm adding an MP3 performance to the CMRMIDImp3 , without including the working MIDI file. This departure is very simple. Since I've seriously expanded my MIDI hardware, I've begun taking these recordings very seriously.  My collaboration with Dr. David Siu, M.D. on several of these recordings has been moderately successful at The CMR Players page on MP3.com, and extremely fun.  With that said, it's also become very apparent that I cannot stay within the limiting boundaries of General MIDI, and still achieve the sound we want. This new piece, Capriccio Italien, by Tchaikovsky ended up being mapped to 9 ports, with over 30 tracks, most of which were mapped to custom SoundFonts whose patch/bank assignments don't come anywhere close to General MIDI.  Anyone who downloaded the MIDI version of the file would be disappointed with what they were hearing.  The MP3 file, while not perfect, and especially weak with the string samples - isn't bad.  At this point, as much as I want them so badly, I simply cannot justify the thousands of $$$$ necessary to obtain a GigaSampler, along with the Miroslav Vitous String Ensembles.  I'll have more MIDI updates later this month from CMR contributors. Stay tuned...

October 23rd, 1999

An update for the month of October, and some new recordings by Gary D. Lloyd in the  CMRMIDImp3 page.  He has re-recorded the Chopin Ballades and also recorded the Chopin Sonata No. 3. Check them out!

September 14th, 1999

An update for the month of September, and a new era in the CMRMIDImp3 page.  First, some updates from ever-excellent Robert Finley featuring Chopin's Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante. This is the piece that Robert will be performing at the Paris Competition finals in January 2000.  Additionally, we have a first for The Classical MIDI Resource.  CMR is featuring MP3 render of another artist of their own performances on the CMR MIDImp3 page, in this case, the performances of Gary D. Lloyd.  Check them out!

August 20th, 1999

An update for this month.  Once again, I have some new work from the original host of The Classical MIDI Resource, Dr. Ron Lubetsky. From Ron, we have the Brahms Rhapsody in b minor, Op. 79 No. 1.  Please note that on the CMRMIDImp3 page, we feature links to The CMR Players page at MP3.com.  Check it out.  

July 30th, 1999

A final update for this month.  On the CMRMIDImp3 page, there's a newly rendered version of Brahms' Symphony No. 1 - 4th Movt.  The original MIDI file was sequenced long ago by David Siu, M.D., and is also featured in the The Classical MIDI Resource archives.

July 18th, 1999

Couple of updates for this month.  From David Siu, M.D., he sends the final movement to the Symphony No.4 in D (Op.120) by Robert Schumann. Also, on the CMRMIDImp3 page, there's a new rendering of Kodaly's Entrance of the Emperor and His Court, from Hary Janos

June 26th, 1999

Some updates featuring newly re-rendered MP3's on the CMRMIDImp3 page.  I've reworked the entire Janacék Sinfonietta, and stuck a couple other updates as well.  

June 2nd, 1999

Here are some updates starting off the month of June.  First, we feature work from the original host of The Classical MIDI Resource,  Dr.Ron Lubetsky He's sent us works of Haydn featuring the Piano Sonata #38, in which there are three movements (Allegro moderato; Larghetto; Presto) in a single MIDI file, and also the the Haydn Andante with VariationsFrom David Siu, M.D., we have Chabrier's Bourrée Fantasque.  It was originally a piano piece ("with 18 nuances" as Chabrier wrote to the pianist to whom the piece was dedicated), and was orchestrated here by Felix Mottl .  He's also sent the 4th Mov't of the Cello Concerto by Edward Elgar

May 12th, 1999

For a site that's supposed to be rather 'slow' this month, I have a surprising number of updates. From the current CMR MIDI Spotlight, Robert Finley, we feature "Los Requiebros", the first piece from Granados' "Goyescas" Suite. This is the piece he'll be playing in the 1st stage of the Van Cliburn Amateur Competition in June. From David Siu, M.D., we received some work of Carl Nielson and Edward Elgar . The Nielson piece is the Wind Quintet, movt's 1, 2, and 3.  Also featured is the the Second Movement from the Elgar

Cello Concerto.

Last but not least, I've just finished a rendering of the Finale from the Concerto for Orchestra by Bela Bartok.  It's on the CMR MIDImp3 page.

May 1st, 1999

Some new, some updated.  I just completed an newly rendered recording of the Chabrier Joyeuse Marche on the CMRMIDImp3 page. I know it's a rerun, but I'm really wanting to get all of these files re-done with the new SoundFont technology that I'm using.  I also used the same technique on the Joyeuse Marche that I used on the March update of the Shostakovitch 5th, 4th movt.  Let me know what you think , it's only 3.5 Meg.  

Also this update includes a piece by Robert Schumann - the Scherzo from the 2nd Symphony.  It's sequenced here for us by David Siu, M.D..

This month will not see a lot of updates for The Classical MIDI Resource.  I've gotten way behind on my commitments to render several MIDI files as requested by friends. Also, Work is encroaching on what little free time I have left in the month. The joint won't be lifeless, but it will be quiet. 

April 16th, 1999

A couple of updates. Another friend, Reinhold Behringer, has graciously allowed me to create and post an MP3 rendering of his fine sequencing work of Maurice Ravel's Suite d'Orchestre - Le Tombeau de Couperin (1919) - Rigaudon. You'll find it on the CMRMIDImp3 page.  Next, even more efforts from David Siu, M.D. - he's sequenced Saint-Saens' Piano Concerto No. 2, 2nd Movt.

April 8th, 1999

A couple of updates. I received a series of sequences by Brian Ames, featuring the work of Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina (Italy, 1525-94), Missa Ascendo ad Patrem. This mass is one of a form know as a Paraphrase mass. Palestrina's own motet Ascendo ad Patrem, provided the basis of this mass. 

From the prolific and gifted David Siu, M.D., the first MIDI sequence of a very arduous piece by Richard Strauss, Dance of the Seven Veils from Salome.   Caution: This MIDI file will require at least two ports to enjoy it properly. And finally, David has sent a sequence of what I assume is a therapeutic antithesis of the oh-so-draining Strauss, namely the adorably simple Music Box, by Anatol Lyadov

March 29th, 1999

A rather frantic week. Last week, I updated The Classical MIDI Resource to its own domain name http://www.classicalmidiresource.com. This was all well and good, and proceeded as planned. However, a feature that I requested from my web provider to 'alias' the old name for The Classical MIDI Resource, until the new domain name got some roots, failed or wasn't implemented properly. To the web user who didn't know the URL had changed, The Classical MIDI Resource has been down for 5 days. It really hasn't, it's just that users weren't being forwarded properly.

Well, it appears that the forwarding is working now. Please note, and change your links, The Classical MIDI Resource is now located at http://www.classicalmidiresource.com

March 18th, 1999

An astute user from down-under was quick to point out that the Tam-Tam, and the cymbal roll that I used in the Shostakovitch MP3 (see previous update) are not truly part of General Midi.  Hmmmm, this is true, but realize that the original General MIDI spec left out a phenomenal number of important aural effects simply because no one thought about them.  The fact that I've moved a significant portion of my MIDI rendering capability towards detailed samples, rather than Wavetable-based synth, has given me the opportunity to use orchestra sounds unheard of before with normal General MIDI.

The seven ports that I used for the MP3 all use standard MIDI mapping, i.e.., port 7-track 38-patch 48, still points to Strings 1.  The exceptions are the mappings for instruments that don't exist in GM.  If I were still posting the Multiport MIDI files, these non-standard instruments would simply be missing from the MIDI file.  Since I'm rendering an MP3 from the MIDI, it makes no sense to me to leave out an instrument if I have it, simply because it's not General MIDI compliant.  Plus, the cymbal-roll, from Sonido Media SoundFonts, and the glorious Tam-Tam (my own creation), add tremendously appropriate impact to the music.  ( :

Two new performances from Robert Finley.  They are the Capriccio from Theodor Blumer's Sextet for piano and wind quintet (French Horn, bassoon, flute, oboe, clarinet) which consists of a theme and variations, and something a little different from Robert.  He's chosen the work of Scott Joplin, featuring the Gladiolus Rag.

March 13th, 1999

After addressing most of the copyright issues that came up in the past month, The Classical MIDI Resource should be getting back to a normal update schedule.

Anyway,  I just returned from Fort Worth Opera's production of Puccini's Tosca.  After hearing the music for all these years - to finally see the story that went with it was breathtaking.  Not that I'm a great opera fan, the performance was moving.  The three-chords associated with Scarpia forever etched on my brain. <sigh>

One quick update.  I just completed an MP3 rendering of the 4th Movement of the 5th Symphony of Dimitri Shostakovitch - it's on the CMRMIDImp3 page. The original MIDI file was sequenced by David Siu, M.D. years ago, and it's just been sitting on my hard drive for over a year.  He did a excellent job of sequencing it, as always.

March 4th, 1999

I've removed the Multiport MIDI file section of the CMRMIDImp3 . The traffic on those files amounted to less than 2% of total page traffic.  With the extensive screen real-estate used by the table, removing a column will make the page more readable. If any MIDI-phile wants to play with the Multiport versions of those MIDI files, let me know, and I'll ship it to you.

February 23rd, 1999

This update we feature another work from David Siu, M.D..  This time, he's sequenced the Sanctus from *Requiem by Maurice Durufle. This piece requires massive MIDI resources, and is featured on The Classical MIDI Resource only as an MP3 file, rendered from David's MIDI file on my equipment.  It's available only for audition on the CMRMIDImp3 page.

* © Sacem (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique)

February 20th, 1999

EEEK!!  More than a month has gone by, and there's been no update to The Classical MIDI Resource.   OK, there's been a lot going on, so there have been some updates, but no "new file" updates.  Well here goes.

There have been few submissions this past month or so to The Classical MIDI Resource, so the updates might be a bit thin. From David Siu, M.D., we feature the work of German-born Kurt Weill. Among the works featured are selections from his *Little Threepenny Music series -  *#3 The Instead-of Song, *#4 The Song of the Easy Life , and *#6 The Cannon Song (from the Little Threepenny Music for winds arrangement).  Additionally, there's the *Tango-Ballad ("In jenem Land...") from The Threepenny Opera.  Due to copyright concerns, these files will be available for audition on the Highlights page in March.   David also sent CMR some work by Prokofiev, his 3rd Piano Concerto, 3rd movement.

Maybe you noticed the Copyright Notice on The Classical MIDI Resource Welcome page?  It's kinda hard to miss.  Well, it's official - The Classical MIDI Resource has invested considerable time and expense in this endeavor, and is now in compliance with all licensing issues regarding copyright laws, and the music posted here.  Every MIDI and MP3 posted here now has a legal right to be here, and to be auditioned by you,  our Internet guests.

* © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

January 14th, 1999

I just received some really cool MIDI files!  The piece was sequenced masterfully by Reinhold Behringer, and features the work of composer Maurice Ravel - his Le Tombeau de Couperin (1919) - Suite d'Orchestre.  I've created a zip file, which contains the entire set of files, and am featuring Movement 4 - Rigaudon, as a Highlite. Check it out!  Additional note:  I was extremely amiss in expressing my appreciation to Jim Walstrom for the lovely Christmas present he sent me.   He noticed a piece on the CMR Wish list awhile back and proceeded to sequence it and send it to me. The piece is the Kreisleriana, by Robert Schumann

One last note: After much contemplation, and several emails, I've decided to remove the MIDI auto-play feature on the CMR opening page. One user relayed to me the choice words of his wife, whom he woke up while traveling to CMR at 3AM. If enough folks complain, I'll put it back.

That's it for the January 14th updates.  

January 10th, 1999

Robert Finley has sent the Intermezzo Op. 117 No. 2 by Brahms.  On the CMRMIDImp3 side, I've just uploaded the final movement of the Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber,  Marsch.   This marks my entry into Sampled MIDI files. I've got 2 gig to play with, so you'll be seeing more mention of them here.

That's it for the January 10th updates.

January 3rd, 1999  

Welcome to the updates for the new year - this one on January 3rd 1999. 

December '98 was not a busy month as far as received updates, being the Holiday Season and all.  The only update I received was from David Siu, M.D..  Bearing this in mind, along with posting David's continuously-great work, I had a lot of fun re-working the heck out the content of the CMRMIDImp3 page with new MIDI equipment that was inexplicably left on my doorstep on December 25th (imagine that!).

David sent me Bartok's Dances of Transylvania, better known to pianists as the orchestrated version of the Sonatina for Piano. I've rendered an MP3 of the file with very minor modifications, and on David's approval, have posted it to the CMRMIDImp3 page here.

There are also new MP3 additions to the CMRMIDImp3 page. Starting off the month, I've posted MP3's of the complete Sinfonietta by Leos Janácek, taken from work originally sequenced by Reinhold Behringer and David Siu, M.D.. As I said above, several of the MP3's have been completely re-worked to sound better, quieter, and with some new instrument samples. Check them out.

That's it for the January 2nd updates.