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The Classical MIDI Resource is a comprehensive collection of Classical music,  performed by the Web's most talented, MIDI/MP3 - savvy musicians.  Also featured along with the MIDI files are MP3 audio files, rendered on state-of-the-art equipment from selected MIDI files posted on CMR, or the composer's own, also with an emphasis on quality.  These are found on the CMR MIDImp3 page. All MIDI-based and MP3 rendered performances available on The Classical MIDI Resource are selected from the many submissions we receive based on quality of performance and execution (See Submissions).  Also, be sure to check out the new Classical Music Makers page which contains information about affiliations CMR has with other web music entities.  And don't forget the Composers  page - it's sole purpose is to essentially "get the word out" about the music of new American composers I've found in my experiences on the Web.  

The Classical MIDI Resource is updated as often as possible, as time permits.

Some goals of the The Classical MIDI Resource+MP3s are:

a) To provide online access to outstanding performances of Classical music in the MIDI and MP3 format (see the CMR MIDImp3 page), and to educate and entertain (see the Permanent Collection)

b) To allow easy access to these performances by providing the simple option of click-and-play using Internet streaming technology (see the Previous Update Highlights)

c) For earlier editions of the collection, offering these files in convenient zipped archives for download, provided the selections within a ZIP archive violate no copyright laws (see the Permanent Collection)

d) To actively encourage these MIDI/MP3 artists to perform new versions of classical music,  but do so with the utmost emphasis on quality

e) To recognize the achievements of artists who have made a significant contribution to Classical Music on the Internet (see the CMR Spotlite on the menu)

f) To promote the works of new American composers - mostly tonal works that will have a wide appeal (see the New Composers page)

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All MIDI performances, MP3 render & MP3 audio recordings 1991-2023 by the Artists and Composers who created them
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